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What will you be selling?

The CellQuicken RoyalVibe Ultrasound device, is about making dreams come true. When anyone is in pain or critically ill, their only desire is to become 100% healthy again. Nothing is more important than getting better and to carry on living a normal life filled with hope and other dreams.

Success of the CellQuicken has far exceeded the expectations of patients testifying about their cancer being cured, pain and cataracts disappearing, Alzheimer’s reversed, cardiovascular, diabetes, high blood pressure getting back to normal and so much more. Even mental focus dramatically improving.

This CellQuicken RoyalVibe is a totally safe, non-invasive, unique, home ultrasound therapy. It can be used by all members of the family while they are asleep at night. There is no product like it on the world market. We are breaking new ground in the health screening and treatment.

It all started with Einstein, then taken forward by Royal Rife and now our very own Raymond Venter, the CEO of this company, has taken the next gigantic leap forward using the very latest science and technology right here in South Africa. Raymond and his CellQuicken device is revolutionizing our healthcare industry and starting a new health paradigm based on Self-Health home care.

No antibiotics, no surgery, no chemo, cardiovascular or diabetes tabs – just this New-Health technology that analyses and treats over 7,000 diseases and conditions.

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"Can you imagine helping people, not only with their health issues, but helping them out of their “victim” life style and break free to fulfil their dreams."


Any alternative treatments and medicines could be regarded as competition, but there is not one single device like the Cell Quicken RoyalVibe, that can automatically detect and destroy bad viruses, bacteria and heal any system in the body that is not operating at maximum efficiency.

How will you get paid?

We have created an exciting pay plan that is also unique in the market place. Assuming you enthusiastically turn up timeously for work every day, you will be paid in four different areas for your performance, for example, for going to people’s homes and for doing presentations. More about this exciting pay plan, that leaves your income in your own hands, but does not leave you without money if you do not sell one month, at the interview. Besides working your own leads, we will supply you daily with more leads than you can handle.

Health to Wealth

With the aid of our new Cell Quicken RoyalVibe’s VR (virtual Reality) glasses that come with the new model already launched in 2017, everyone can reprogram their subconscious mind and start attracting unlimited wealth. This is a revolution all on its own.

Can you imagine attracting your wildest financial dreams to yourself? The company wants you to become wealthy, and so, will assist you with this new technology to open the locked doors that are currently unconsciously holding you back. Health2Wealth is an opportunity never offered before now. Imagine at last, to buy that dream car and house and share this experience with your customers.

Can you imagine helping people, not only with their health issues, but helping them out of their “victim” life style and break free to fulfil their dreams.

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If you are an individual that enthusiastically turns up, on-time, to work every day, and wants to share health and wealth opportunities with your customers, then we would want to talk to you.